Research into Propolis

Propolis has been used as a medicine since time immemorial. The Babylonians, Egyptians, Greeks, the ancient Hebrews, and the Romans all used propolis to treat a variety of diseases.

The Pioneers of Eastern Europe

But it was the mainly the eastern European countries – USSR, Bulgaria, Czechoslovakia , Poland, Georgia, Yugoslavia, and others who took up the challenge of exploring propolis from a modern scientific perspective and we must remain forever grateful for those researchers who pioneered the use of propolis in modern medicine. In 1975 the Kazan Veterinary Institute in Russia found that propolis in combination with the antibiotics of the time improved their effectiveness by between 10 and 100 times. This research is now being successfully repeated in the UK. 45 years later!

Research in the ‘West’

Scientific interest in the ‘West” did not really begin until the 1990’s but since then it has slowly grown from a trickle of scientific papers to a flood in recent years covering a very wide range of subjects.

Perhaps the most important feature of this diverse and complex substance is its role as a foundation for the honeybee colony’s immune defence system as well as the support it clearly can provide to the human immune system.

Not just and ANTI

But propolis in human medicine is not a simple anti – drug ( antibiotic, anti-inflammatory, anti-fungal etc ) but more a pro – medicine able to support the human immune system to fight bacteria, inflammation, fungi and viruses.

Remembering the Honeybee

One thing we must all bear in mind as propolis steps onto the stage as a serious medical support for our ailing immune system, is that it is produced primarily by the honeybee for the honeybee. Research into sustainable beekeeping and sustainable sourcing must become a priority otherwise we may lose something that many believe can provide serious support for human beings at a time of great need.

Directory of Research.

The IPRG would like to build a directory of members’ research. If you would like to send us your list of research publications – articles, presentations, videos, books etc. we will publish them here for other members and in the long run provide an appropriate search mechanism.

As a beginning we are publishing Professor Vassya Bankova’s truly remarkable list of publications focussing on the complex chemistry of propolis.

Her work can be found here.

Form an Interest Group – Join HIVECHAT

Coming soon ( before our May 2021 conference ) we will be launching HIVECHAT which will give you the opportunity to talk directly to other researchers, set up meetings, including webinars, forums , chats and share your interests . Through HIVECHAT we will be running regular follow up Research Webinars after the May conference.