International Propolis Conference 2023

Propolis: Past, Present and Future Medicine

Dear Friends and Colleagues,

Propolis : Past Present and Future Medicine

It is with great pleasure that I invite you, on behalf of the International Propolis Research Group , to our 3rd physical International Conference on November 9th,10th, 11th 2023 in Istanbul.

You may remember that this conference - due to take place in Istanbul in September 2020 - was postponed because of COVID. We are delighted that Balparmak have chosen to continue as the main sponsor for this growing event.

In the past year over 1000 scientific papers have been published about propolis with nearly a third addressing the issue of antibiotic resistance. It is clear to me ,that as the global problem with antibiotic resistance continues to grow, propolis has a major contribution to make.

Scientific interest in propolis has grown extraordinarily since we formed the IPRG just seven years ago. I believe the coming conference in Istanbul will reveal still more of the complex, yet powerful potential of this extraordinary substance from the beehive.

At this, our seventh-year birthday conference, we will be launching the Professor Vassya Bankova : Best Young Researcher Award, as well as honouring Professor Bankova herself for her lifetime achievement in relation to propolis.

We are looking forward to all your many and varied contributions to our understanding of propolis, whether it be as a contributor or as an observer.

Warm wishes

James Fearnley
Co-Founder and Director
International Propolis and Research Group

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